Dr. Chanda G. Simmons attended Greater Christ Temple Apostolic Church for six years working closely with her Father in the Gospel, Bishop Dr. Donnie N. McGriff. In 2005, the Spirit of the Lord spoke to then Evangelist Simmons telling her that God desired to elevate her to the office of Pastor.

Not understanding what God was saying, Dr. Simmons struggled answering this call for two years. In 2007 during a counseling session with Bishop Dr. Donnie N. McGriff, Dr. Simmons shared with Bishop McGriff what the Spirit of the Lord told her. Bishop McGriff informed Dr. Simmons it was time to be obedient to the call of pastoral ship. Without hesitation, Dr. Simmons embraced the direction of the Holy Spirit.

Depending on God, realizing the Anointed One would deliver, in September 2007 Pastor Simmons began conducting bible studies in her counseling office. A small bible study attended by one student evolved into Christ Deliverance Ministries.

This student, Brother Marvin Hildebrand, became the first member of Christ Deliverance Ministries and he continues to serve faithful on the ministerial staff. The ministry outgrew the counseling office in March 2008, forcing Pastor Simmons to seek a bigger meeting area to accommodate the people of God.

In April 2008, a room was rented at the Kennedy Recreation Center located at 1675 E Madison Avenue in El Cajon, California. Bible studies were conducted at this location for eleven months. During this time, Pastor Simmons also conducted church services in the living room of her two-bedroom apartment.

As the membership grew, Pastor Simmons rented the Madison Elementary School’s Auditorium located at 1615 E. Madison Ave in El Cajon, California. Services were held at this location from March 2009 to September 2010. The church experienced this tabernacle season for 19 months.

On October 1, 2010, Pastor Simmons’ 50th birthday, the church moved to 1625 East Main Street, in El Cajon, Ca. Services were held at this location for seven years where countless ministries were added to include a ministerial staff, outreach ministry, nursing home ministry, youth ministry, and a van ministry.

In March 2015, the church name was changed from Christ Deliverance Ministries to Agape Deliverance Ministries. The church outgrew this location and moved in July 2015 to 1069 Graves Avenue, in El Cajon, Ca, a larger facility with a sanctuary seating 100 as well as administrative offices, a food bank, baptismal room, and youth room.

Services were held at this location for a little over 5 years. In November 2020, due to COVID 19 the church moved from this location expanding the ministry to online virtual worship services.

Through the leadership of Dr. Chanda G. Simmons various ministries have been created to minister to the community such as Extend-a-Hand food bank, Hallelujah Night, Vacation Bible School, Boots on the Ground Outreach dispersing hygiene products to the homeless, and partnership with California Adopt A Highway which is a monthly Program of helping to keep our Interstate free from debris.