Every Christian was created to Minister to others


Our Ushers at Agape Deliverance Ministries are our doorkeepers and entrusted with the extraordinary opportunity of being an extension of our Pastor as front-line faces of the unconditional love of God. As servant leaders, they meet, greet, seat, and accommodate the overall comfort of every individual that steps into Agape Deliverance Ministries with the purpose of minimizing distractions while maximizing their worship experience. They ensure a warm and safe environment during our worship services.


The Women’s Ministry at Agape Deliverance Ministries provides a place for women to get nurtured and grounded in God’s word, discover God’s grace, find encouragement, and find hearts that can identify with theirs. The Women’s Ministry empowers, strengthens, and encourages women to identify and utilize their unique, God-given gifts for the purpose of self-improvement, and to help other women gain knowledge and understanding of God’s identity, His love for them, and His plans for their lives.


The Men’s Ministry at Agape Deliverance Ministries involves connecting men to Christ, God’s Word, and other godly men for the purpose of spiritual development and empowerment in their roles as husbands, fathers, friends, brothers, and spiritual leaders. We make continual deposits into their spirit, soul, and body as they seek their rightful place in the Kingdom of God! Our goal is to educate men in their understanding of how the Bible characterizes a godly man as well as equipping them with the right spiritual and relational tools to do so.


The Pastor’s Care Committee at Agape Deliverance Ministries ensures that the Pastor is fully equipped, prepared, and able to fulfill her responsibilities in leading our congregation. We serve as caretakers of our Pastor and her family in all areas of their lives with the love of God while ensuring their needs are met consistently, whether it is in the form of prayer, encouragement through words, or random thoughtful gestures. Our objective is to show our Pastor and her family love and appreciation while anticipating their needs and demands in order to appropriately furnish and supply what is needed.


Hospitality Ministry at Agape Deliverance Ministries provides a welcoming environment that communicates God’s love and grace through positive and helpful behavior to all visitors, members, and friends upon arrival to our worship services. They greet everyone with a friendly and loving smile, a warm and compassionate touch, and a sincere and heartfelt welcome. They also ensure our visitors receive our personalized welcome gift bag which contains important information about our ministry and often prepare and present food or light refreshments at our hospitality tables.


Biblical team building at Agape Deliverance Ministries seeks to identify areas where individuals struggle with the principles and commands of Scripture and to assist individuals in learning how to submit to God’s will. Agape Deliverance Ministries approach team building from a Biblical perspective. We see the Bible as the source of all truth and individuals occasionally may need someone to reflect our Savior during inward battles and relationship struggles. We are focused on walking with individuals as they seek spiritual and emotional wholeness. At Agape Deliverance Ministries, we utilize different strategies to help individuals restore their relationship with God, self, and their community.

Share your unconditional Love with acts of kindness and reflect the image of God in your life.